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Baby Shark plush toy with sound Asst. T300
Ref.: 760019281 (26cm), packing: 48.
Baby Shark plush toy with sound Asst. T100
Ref.: 760019280 (17cm), packing: 120.
Baby Shark plush toy with sound Asst. T500
Ref.: 760019282 (34cm), packing: 12.
Enjoy the musical melody that will leave the youngest in the house fascinated. The song that will invite them to dance and play with their favourite plush toys.
Baby Shark ¡Nueva colección próximamente!
Ref.: n/a (26cm), packing: 48.
Próximamente nuevos personajes con la melodía musical que encantará a los más pequeños de la casa, ¡la canción que les invita a bailar y jugar con sus peluches preferidos!
Baby Shark is a children song about a shark family. It became popular in 2016 due to the youtube channel PinkFong and it is the most viewed world wide in such channel. In 2021 Nickelodeon will release a t.v. show about the popular shark family.

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