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Doraemon plush with sound 4mod. Asst. T300
Ref.: 760018614 (28cm), packing: 48.
Say hello to the cosmic cat, search in the magic pocket or come in through the magic door with Doraemon and the sounds of this collection. Personalized sounds for each model!
Doraemon plush 4mod. Asst. T100
Ref.: 760010539 (20cm), packing: 60.
Doraemon plush 4mod. Asst. T300
Ref.: 760010540 (28cm), packing: 48.
Doraemon plush 4mod. Asst. T500
Ref.: 760010541 (40cm), packing: 20.
Doraemon plush big size skin
Ref.: 260004000 (67cm skin), packing: 96.
Doraemon plush big size
Ref.: 860003630 (67cm), packing: 4.
Doraemon plush jumbo size skin
Ref.: 260003862 (80cm skin), packing: 30.
Doraemon plush jumbo size
Ref.: 860003502 (80cm), packing: 4.
Doraemon llavero
Ref.: 760020623 (11cm), packing: 68.
Doraemon is based on a cosmic blue cat that comes from the future to live adventures with Nobita and friends with all sort of inventions pulled out of his magic pocket. The brand has got over 1187 chapters and 30 movies, and 26 new episodes and a new movie are created every year. In 2020 was the 50th aniversary and it has been witholding new marketing and product campaigns

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