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Garfield plush 4mod. Asst. T100
Ref.: 760020099 (20cm), packing: 96.
Garfield plush 4mod. Asst. T300
Ref.: 760020100 (30cm), packing: 48.
Garfield plush 2mod. Asst. big size skin
Ref.: 260004721 (60cm sk), packing: 72.
Garfield plush 2mod. Asst. big size
Ref.: 860004301 (60cm), packing: 6.
Garfield is one of the most popular cats in the world who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. It came out in the 70s in a comic strip. Nowadays there are 2 t.v shows, Garfield and friends (121 episodes, 7 seasons), Garfield show (107 episodes, 5 seasons), 13 specials in t.v. 2 movies released in theaters and 3 on video

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