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Looney Tunes plush 7mod. Asst. T300 with backing card packaging
Ref.: 760019883 (30cm), packing: 24.
Looney Tunes plush 7mod. Asst. T500
Ref.: 760019884 (40cm), packing: 24.
Big sizes availables: 60, 90, 120cm…
Looney Tunes sitting plush 7mod. Asst. T100
Ref.: 760020070 (20cm), packing: 96.
Looney Tunes sitting plush 7mod. Asst. T300
Ref.: 760020071 (27cm), packing: 48.
The unforgettable characters from Warner Bros in a sitting posture. Ideal to place anywhere.
Looney Tunes sitting plush 4mod. Asst. T500
Ref.: 760020072 (36cm), packing: 24.
Looney Tunes Baby plushtoys T100
Ref.: 760022185 (15), packing: 96.
Looney Tunes Baby plushtoys T300
Ref.: 760022186 (28), packing: 48.
Pet the new Looney Tunes Baby collection, have you seen anything cuter lately?
Looney Tunes keychain plushtoy
Ref.: 760022359 (10), packing: 96.
The Looney Tunes are back to stay, now in the form of keychains to take anywhere!
Looney tunes is the most classic of cartoons, with the most popular characters and their comic stories, developed by Warner Bros back on the 30s. There are several movies, and always are a sure hit. In 2022 Tweety celebrates its 80th anniversary with several events and collaborations with the most prestigious brands.

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