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Minions Movie plush 4mod. Asst. T300
Ref.: 760018728 (30cm), packing: 24.
Minions DM3 Jailbreak plush prison models 5mod. Asst. T100
Ref.: 760015404 (24cm), packing: 85.
Minions DM3 Jailbreak plush prison collection 5mod. Asst. T100
Ref.: 760017382 (24cm), packing: 85.
Minions DM3 plush toy in prison 2mod. Asst. T100 with CDU
Ref.: 760015370 (16cm), packing: 24.
Mini Minions DM3 plush toy collection with CDU
Ref.: 760016330 (8,5cm), packing: 48.

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