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Masha & the Bear collection plushtoys T300
Ref.: 760021222 (29cm), packing: 48.
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Masha and the Bear is an animated series that narrates the adventures of a girl, Masha, and her friend, the Bear. The relationship between Masha and the Bear is a metaphor for how a girl interacts with the world and how an adult can help her with this difficult task. Masha is an incredibly active girl, full of energy, who cannot sit still and is interested in everything around her. Masha is kind, friendly and talks to everyone as if she had known them all her life. Her curiosity and creativity make her live fun adventures. The series became a hit with families around the world thanks to its ability to entertain and educate both parents and children. Masha and the Bear teaches children true friendship, creative freedom, and basic skills in a fun and clever way.

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