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Sonic de peluche T500
Ref.: 760020025 (45cm), packing: 12.
Sonic de peluche T300
Ref.: 760017460 (28cm), packing: 36.
Modern Sonic collection plushtoys 4mod. T300
Ref.: 760022379 (30cm), packing: 24.
Modern Sonic collection plushtoys 8mod. T300
Ref.: 760020969 (30cm), packing: 24.
Modern Sonic collection plushtoys 8mod. T500
Ref.: 760020971 (44cm), packing: 8.
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow
Sonic peluches surtidos 4mod. T300
Ref.: 760020179 (30cm), packing: 36.
Modern Sonic plushtoy SonicT300
Ref.: 760020968 (30cm), packing: 24.
Modern Sonic plushtoys Sonic T300
Ref.: 760020970 (44cm), packing: 8.
Cute Sonic collection plushtoys T150
Ref.: 760021052 (22cm), packing: 24.
Classic Sonic collection plushtoys T300
Ref.: 760021044 (30cm), packing: 24.
Classic Sonic plushtoy Sonic T300
Ref.: 760021043 (30cm), packing: 24.
Classic Sonic plushtoy Tails T300
Ref.: 760021152 (30cm), packing: 24.
Chunky Shadow plushtoy T300
Ref.: 760022380 (30cm), packing: 24.
Under development
Sonic keychain plushtoy 3mod
Ref.: 760022363 (10cm), packing: 96.
Subject to approval
The adrenaline-pumping adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog spiral out of withtrol when an encounter with Dr. Eggman has catastrophic withsequences. Sonic embarks on a high-speed race through a series of parallel universes, discovering strange worlds and meeting new ones.

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